We keep it goin’

When it comes to serve your project by your standards,

doing the least calls for doing everything. 

Sometimes, we do even more.

We move your people

Whatever the reason is – meetings, incentives, conferences, sport events, personnel transportation, even leisure, METEOR TRAVEL takes over transportation, accommodation, event management plus any additional or supporting service. For 50 years now, nothing but excellent services bonds us with our clients.

Companies and corporations are our clients but certain executives we are committed to. Every HR, marketing manager, businessman, sport event planner, team manager, personnel manager has one and only person in METEOR TRAVEL to talk with.

METEOR TRAVEL delivers. Experience, improvisation, flexibility, resources, and positive thinking are in the mix that makes being on time “piece of cake”.

Transportation Services, anyway

Transportation Services is the core of our business.  They are essential part of each and every of our projects. We also offer them alone, to complete the travel plans of various Tour Operators. Our business partners and – most important – their groups have nothing but the greater expectations, although they don’t realize it. We always fulfill their expectations. Everything occurs in time, any delays are absorbed, and schedule is smoothly delivered.

Tour operators, just make the call; literally. Call us, brief us and all Transportation Services required to serve your groups are “automatically” scheduled and settled.

What is in for you?!

Whatever the reason is METEOR TRAVEL takes over transportation, accommodation, event management plus any additional or supporting service

  • Whatever the content is, a conference is always a social event and a visit to a foreign country, for the participants. Given the absolutely perfect flow of conference, METEOR TRAVEL takes over the transportation, the excursions, the recreation, the city sightseeing. There is no better surrounding for a conference than Greece, and METEOR TRAVEL adds best of Greece to the success of your plans.



    Successfully Yours

  • Tour Operators make plans for people’s vacations in advance and from distance. Their plan is realized by METEOR TRAVEL in real time / on the spot. Everything is a part of our Transportation Services duty, will be accomplished the best way. What is strange is the fact that we meet your customers in person, but you don’t. Do know that they are happy, enthusiastic, and cheerful, since we keep your promises.

    Transportation Services


    We move your people by all means

  • Arrogant billionaires, children teams, handicapped athletes, reporters, trainers… There is an individual rest, nutrition, training, entertainment plan for each and every and all of them following the overall games’ schedule. This is “business as usual” for METEOR TRAVEL , to implement complex and re-re-re-revised plans. Every time we take part in, a Gold Medal goes to the organizational committee.

    Sport Events


    Just Mind the Game

  • After supporting thousands of business meetings, METEOR TRAVEL declares that every meeting is an original. For the reason every detail is as important as the meeting success. A Sunday morning hairdressing, a late night laptop replacement, a “right-now” transportation, a plane to catch are – not rarely – crucial. Accurate preparation is fundamental, improvising is necessary. In METEOR TRAVEL we are always prepared, even for what is unlikely.



    An original campaign Every time

  • A week of recreation and entertainment in Greece is quite a bonus for employees and executives. Company’s staff becomes a crowd of cheerful kids, so determined to enjoy themselves, so difficult to manage. Difficult is easy for METEOR TRAVEL. We have the means, the staff, the experience and the know-how; plus a motive. People having a good time, that’s a reward we always enjoy.



    Its a huge motive for us too

  • Companies are in our client list, but certain people we are talking to. Sometimes people just have to leave; for the weekend, for a long trip, for summer vacations. At that time, what is B2B cooperation becomes a personal service. METEOR TRAVEL is your private travel agency, offering professional services with a personal touch. Just call and then leave the office. We‘ll catch up with you.

    Just Leave


    Do It Yourself Or Call Us

Let’s make the long story short

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