– The group of Americans is at their hotel. Flight delayed for 45 minutes and there was a mess with some luggage. 7 people were left behind and travelled with the small bus. We leave in the morning for their round trip to Corinth, Mycenae, Olympia.

– Alexandra will follow as a guide. Lunch is at Green Pine restaurant. Bring them back by 6 am. Nikos will take them to Acropolis Museum. Next morning we‘ll get them to the port, they leave for Crete.

– Is Giorgos going to pick them up? Tell him they want to take photos everywhere.

– Yes, he‘ll move them for next 4 days. They‘ll be back on Friday, we‘ll move them to the airport; they‘ll fly to Santorini.

– How many more groups you manage?

– 2 groups are here, one leaves tomorrow, 2 more arrive on Saturday. Germans, Chinese, a company’s staff from England…

– I’ll take the Chinese, they are always so disciplined and polite.

– OK, now send in Christos, limo has to be downtown in 40 minutes.