– Last but not least, you have to organize a 7 days trip to Greece for our sales force in June. HR has a very detailed entertainment program; we just have to implement it.

– We have to move 250 people from 5 different countries. Plane tickets, hotels, transportation, event management… How can I do it?!

– Don’t do it; Get it done! Just make this call to Greece and talk to Mr Doukas. Give him my best regards.

– What is he gonna do?

– Well, he will make all the right questions. This is quite important, Jake. People that make nothing but the right questions are people that can really make it happen.

– Obviously you have worked with these guys, you fell safe with them. What’s next?

– Then, he will propose all necessary alterations in the program. Then, he will make you an offer you can’t refuse. Then, you have to overlook the preparations.

– You made this whole thing look easy.

– Jake, difficult can be achieved by well organized, experienced professionals.

– Right, that’s what I will say during the meeting to the HR.

– That’s the spirit…